jueves, 15 de marzo de 2012



And these are part of a larger series of images that I don’t think I can share just yet since they’re all part of a bigger project that`s gonna take a while to be finished. The only reason why I’m showing this is because I actually feel happy with what I did and I finally can say that I’ve found something interesting about my own work that I want to pursue. Now I don’t wanna sound pretentious at all but you know what? these things rarely happen; in fact, most of the time you’ll be like “oh a hate my work…” or, “oh, I’m not sure yet” and in the best case “yeah, whatever, could have been better” so, to hell with that this time. This time I’ll say, yes I’m happy with what I did. Is far from being the greatest shit on earth, but I’m still glad I did it. 

Digital, 8” x 11.7” - 10.6” x 7.7”

Y estas son dos de una serie más larga de imágenes que aún no puedo mostrar porque hacen parte de un proyecto que tomará más tiempo en ver la luz. No obstante, debo admitirlo, me siento feliz de haber llegado a estas piezas. Por fin veo algo que realmente me interesa de mi trabajo y que definitivamente voy a seguir explorando. Será un camino largo, pero es un comienzo. 

Digital, 21 x 30 cm, 27 x 19.5 cm

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