martes, 25 de octubre de 2011

Lemon Bars!

Lemon Bars!  This was a fun class assignment.  Although i don't feel confident with traditional media (It's been a looong time since I did something "traditional"), this came along decent.  It was created for "They Draw and Cook", a very fun website for illustrated recipes,  You can take a look here!

Watercolors on illustration board


Piece for Bacánika Magazine. This is an illustration for an article giving instructions on how to "take" or endure a Chiva party (don't know how  to exactly translate that...). Not bad for a day of work. Oscar Abril AD.
Ilustración para revista Bacánika. El articulo se titula Instrucciones para aguantar una chiva rumbera.  Oscar Abril D.A.

viernes, 7 de octubre de 2011

2nd Place winner!!!

Wow! it's been a crazy week.  tons of work... including writing like hell.  I haven't even had time to celebrate that I got second place at Generate!!!! YAY!  that's a good start! so there's gonna be a sweeeeet price! and other stuff but hopefully I'll get a spot at Little Pink book's website!  I'll get back on that as soon as I get more news.
Now the I look at the image again i  would definitely change some things but that was the point of the challenge... to come up with something in 24h. 
By the way the image was created for Little Pink Book, a website dedicated to promote women success.
Anyway...I'm happy for it so, cheers!