martes, 7 de agosto de 2012

Playing with Painter

After a good deal of tutorials and several “WHAT THE F…!!!!?” moments I am finally starting to have fun with Painter. This is my first try with this program, celebrating that today I finally found out how to save brushes, geezz!!. I was obviously influenced by Android Jones work, but come on, I needed a starting point and it actually helped me to get familiar with some interesting Painter tools and tricks.
Now, considering that it was actually easy to do this I have to admit that Painter is a good tool and I’d like to get serious about it. Hopefully I’ll be able to make better use of this program from now on!
(BTW fthe reason why I’m learning Painter is because I am supposed to teach it in a couple of weeks!!!!! Holy cow…)


Last weekend (July 29) one of my illustrations was published in AJC (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution) a major local newspaper. This was actually a class project and it was really nice to see it published since this is also my first piece published in the US. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a copy so thanks to professor Rick for the pic and the chance to do this.  The topic for this illustration was T-SPLOST...and I don't feel like explaining it so go do some research.