miércoles, 30 de mayo de 2012

Speech Sounds

Babel, Digital, 15 x 20"

Untitled, Digital, 11 x 17"

--> Untitled, Digital, 11 x 17"
On the other side, This series of illustrations is based on Speech Sounds, a short story by Octavia Butler. They were supposed to be kind of narrative illustrations but in the end I was able to work on a more conceptual design.

Wizards and Lizards!

This collaborative project was really fun to work on. We decided to do an activity book named Wizards and Lizards…. and I don’t need to go into any further details. Here, a couple of my pieces on the book. And also a picture of the final book, You can go into the Scad Atlanta Illustration blog and check everything related to this amazing project! Thanks to everyone who helped making this possible!

Cupcake Ninja!!!

As always, it’s been a while since the last time I uploaded stuff but finally I’m free and ready to update this blog. I’ve realized that I tend to work in two different directions, one is more lighthearted, colorful and playful than the other one, but I love both sides of my work and I guess, if I don’t get to mix them together, I’ll have to build two different portfolios. I’m really not sure of what to do yet but for now let’s begin with the lighthearted part. This is concept design project I did for a fictional iPhone game called Cupcake Ninja.  If you’ve seen a lot of iphone games and applications you’d realize that there is a lot of nonsense and crazy stuff around and I wanted to follow that direction. The purpose of the game, to serve cupcakes ninja style!.

jueves, 10 de mayo de 2012


At some point during spring break I received a mail with a gold award that I won at the SCADDY awards show, back in January. I was totally surprised ‘cause, though I knew I got into the show with my Frank Zappa piece, no one ever told me I had actually won an award! I was also happy ‘cause the winning pieces from that show would go straight into the ADDY® awards which is a national advertising competition here in the US. Today I’m uploading a pic of the award and I am also taking the chance to celebrate that today I got an email saying that I won a National student ADDY - award, which is GREAT!!!! Now I’m gonna have to go to Texas to pick up my prize!!!  (if I get the money for the plane tickets or something…Hahahaha)  Cheers!


Hace más de un mes recibí un correo con un premio que gané en los SCADDY awards, en Enero de este año. Fue sorpendente porque aunque sabia que había entrado en la exposición con mi ilustración de Frank Zappa,  no sabia que había ganado premio! Lo bueno es que las piezas ganadoras de ese show tenían entrada directa a los ADDY® awards que son una competencia nacional de publicidad aquí en US. Hoy subo una foto del premio y aprovecho para contarles que también hoy recibí un email, diciendo que gané un National Stundet Addy Award!!!! Lo cual me hace muy feliz!! Ahora me toca ir a Texas a recoger mi premio si es que consigo dinero para el viaje jejejeje!

viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

Out to Launch!

As usual, lots of things happening these days, which is fun but at the same time it can be overwhelming. One of them was Out to Launch, the signature career event of SCAD Atlanta where really talented senior and grad students exhibit their work to clients from the art industry. I was invited to participate, which was a real honor and surprise but at the same time I wasn’t sure of what to expect since I’m just starting to develop my portfolio and some of the participants have been at SCAD for more than one year. At some point I was scared but in the end, I humbly tried to do my best and I guess it worked out well.  It definitely was an eye-opening experience because it can actually give you and idea of what it means to go pro with your stuff.  Sometimes you wish you could stay in the studio working on your pieces and forget about the rest but is not that simple. However, it is fun (needless to say it is extremely important) to start thinking about promotion, clients, employers and all those things happening out there in the professional world while you figure out how are you gonna get there.  Here some pics of my booth with some new pieces that I’ll upload soon!