miércoles, 30 de noviembre de 2011

Ghost I

Lately I'm leaning towards traditional media and I wanna experiment a little bit more with both digital and traditional stuff. This is a quick test. 
Pencil, watercolor and digital.
13" x 8"


Un rápido experimento entre técnica tradicional y Digital.
Lápiz, Acuarela y Digital

34 X 22 cm

lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2011

Ode to a Nightingale

Inspired by John Keats' poem

Digital,  8" X 11"


Another really fun technique, The theme: rock goddess. And I chose Mr Zappa.

Watercolors over Acrylic monoprint  11" x 14"

Burrowing Owl Wine Label

Exploring techniques
The main purpose of this exercise was to create a wine label (In this case Burrowing Owl Winery).  The technique was rather difficult but really interesting.

Pastels over watercolors 16"x16"


Explorando técnicas. El objetivo del ejercicio fue crear un sello para un vino (En este caso Burrowing Owl Winery).  Técnica totalmente nueva para mi, difícil pero divertido.

Pasteles sobre Acuarelas 40 X 40 cm

If you wanna see more sketches just visit my tumblr and check 'em out!


Finally I get some time to upload stuff.  I've bee working on several things lately but let's start with the basics....sketching..... After dozens of doodles and scribbles (yeah sure....maybe less) I can say that I am starting to gain a little small tiny bit of confidence again, still it's a long way to go but what the heck, I'm giving it a try and that's something.  I wish I could find more time to draw more, or better say, I wish i knew how to optimize my time to be able to draw more.  Anyway, hope I`m getting somewhere.  I realized that I don't take good care of page composition so I have to cut drawings from here and there and then put them all together in Photoshop , I'll try to work on that but hey! it's a sketchbook, is not meant to be pretty.....(until you see James Jean's sketchbooks, right?).

These are mostly 2-3 minutes drawings and it's killing me.......'cause it makes me fell like I really suck on this, but then sometimes I get more time and I do worst so.... nevermind 

pen and/or ball point pen on paper


Por fin algo de tiempo para subir cosas, Aquí algunos bocetos, de los varios que he hecho ultimamente.  Aún falta mucho mucho para realmente hacer algo decente pero algo es algo.  Al menos es un comienzo.  En fin, ojala algún día suba cosas más decentes, pero por ahora, seguiré tratando de encontrar todo el tiempo posible para trabajar más.

esfero y/o micropunta sobre papel

martes, 25 de octubre de 2011

Lemon Bars!

Lemon Bars!  This was a fun class assignment.  Although i don't feel confident with traditional media (It's been a looong time since I did something "traditional"), this came along decent.  It was created for "They Draw and Cook", a very fun website for illustrated recipes,  You can take a look here!

Watercolors on illustration board


Piece for Bacánika Magazine. This is an illustration for an article giving instructions on how to "take" or endure a Chiva party (don't know how  to exactly translate that...). Not bad for a day of work. Oscar Abril AD.
Ilustración para revista Bacánika. El articulo se titula Instrucciones para aguantar una chiva rumbera.  Oscar Abril D.A.

viernes, 7 de octubre de 2011

2nd Place winner!!!

Wow! it's been a crazy week.  tons of work... including writing like hell.  I haven't even had time to celebrate that I got second place at Generate!!!! YAY!  that's a good start! so there's gonna be a sweeeeet price! and other stuff but hopefully I'll get a spot at Little Pink book's website!  I'll get back on that as soon as I get more news.
Now the I look at the image again i  would definitely change some things but that was the point of the challenge... to come up with something in 24h. 
By the way the image was created for Little Pink Book, a website dedicated to promote women success.
Anyway...I'm happy for it so, cheers!

viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2011

"a bit rusty"

It's been some time since my last post  but from now on I might be posting things on a regular basis. (or at least I'll try).  It's also been a while since the last time I did figure drawing (hence, I'm a bit rusty... Actually, I suck!).  Among the sketches I've done so far this are somewhat not so bad... Anyway, I really expect to get better on this but for now there's only one thing left to do: just keep on doing awful scribbles 'till I get to some decent sketches.
By the way I got tumblr, as a sort of exercise to practice some quick writing and to share pretty much nothing important.

martes, 23 de agosto de 2011

Monkey Grinder

This one was for SoHo magazine.  First of all I'd like to thank LuisK (AD) for giving me the chance and specially the time (which rarely happens) to do this. Now, I gotta say It was a challenge 'cause I wasn't quite fond of the article I was supposed to illustrate.  However,  setting apart my personal opinions, I did found a couple of good ideas to work with.  The article was a sort of tirade about ecologists and the part I focused on was on how huge multinational companies, enterprises, governments, etc take advantage of this subject to supposedly contribute to the cause while  promoting their own brands or just turning the environmental problems into a new world business.  Basically, widespread hypocrisy (Nothing new right?).   Anyway,  I like the way it all turned out. Somehow I was able to give a personal commentary on the subject, and not just illustrate the writers opinions (which in this case I barely share). Hope you like it!

SoHo magazine #136


It's been a while since my last post. I've been doing lots of stuff (unfortunately not exactly related with my work)  and I believe it's gonna be like that for a couple of weeks more.  However I`m really exited 'cause as soon as I'm done with all of it, I will go straight into my drawing and illustration again.  For now I have two great news.  Two months ago (yes, a little late but... you know what they say!) I was invited to participate in LaMaga,  a great digital magazine that promotes colombian graphic artists.  Thanks to DoñaGloria team for the invitation, It is a real honor to be part of this.
On other news, finally this month Furiamag (a new digital magazine for young colombian artists) has launched it's first issue and I gotta say it was worth waiting for it .  It's wicked!  A really beautiful project that kinda reminds me of another art magazine I used to read (BAK magazine).  And not only was I selected to participate but I'm also part of the standout artists, which is great!  Huge honor!  Thanks a lot to furiamag team!

domingo, 19 de junio de 2011

Bandera at Anima Mundi 2011!

Maya sigue viajando por el mundo y conquistando fronteras!. Este año Bandera fue invitado al festival internacional de animación Cortoons en Italia, al festival MUVICA en Ecuador, hizo parte de una muestra de videoclips animados organizada por ASIFA y las universidades Javeriana y Jorge Tadeo y hoy me siento muy orgulloso de anunciar que Bandera estará presente en Anima Mundi 2011, uno de los festivales de animación más importantes de latinoamerica y que se llevará acabo en Julio en Rio de Janeiro y São Paulo, Brasil. 
Aprovecho para agradecer de nuevo a todos los que ayudaron en este trabajo y espero que Maya siga viajando muy lejos!


Maya keeps traveling around, conquering borders and frontiers. This year Bandera was invited to participate in animation festivals like Cortoons - Italy, MUVICA -  Ecuador  and an animated video-clips showcase organized by ASIFA, along side Javeriana and Jorge Tadeo Universities (Bogota, Colombia). Today I'm really proud to announce that Bandera will also be part of Anima Mundi 2011, one of the foremost animation festivals in South America which will be held in July in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil.
I'll take this chance to thank once more to everyone who helped in this project and I hope Maya continues his trip around the world.

Guia Zoológica

Este es una trabajo para la revista SoHo. Es la primera ves que hago algo de este tipo y por ende fue todo un reto. Es una serie de 8 ilsutraciones para una guia zoológica muy peculiar. Aquí están los que mas me agradaron. Pueden ver los otros en la revista!  Gracias a Luis Carlos!

Series of 8 illustrations for SoHo magazine. It was somewhat difficult to do this work but it ended up well!, These are the ones I like the most. 

sábado, 14 de mayo de 2011

Oraciones en el sauce / Prayers on a weeping willow

Es un gran honor hacer parte de "A song for Japan", un muy bello proyecto realizado por PechaKucha Night Bogota. Compren El libro! no solo se llevarán un buen libro con el trabajo de otros ilustradores muy talentosos sino que estarán aportando un granito de arena por Japón!
Grafito y Digital 10 x 15 cm
It's a great honor being part of "A song for Japan", a beautiful project by PechaKucha Night Bogota. Buy the Book!. A bunch of really talented illustrators participated too so you'll not only take a great book home but also give a small contribution to Japan.
Graphite & Digital, 4 x 6"

Parte de un proyecto en el que estoy trabajando, Un par de bocetos rapidos
Estaré subiendo otras cosas pronto!!
This is part of an upcoming project I'm currently working on. A couple of quick sketches.
I´ll be uploading some other stuff soon!

sábado, 26 de marzo de 2011

Para mi tarjeta de presentación jejeje.. espero que pronto todos tengan uno de estos pero pequeñito.
Grafito y color digital, 16 x 25 cm

For my business card...hope that soon everyone gets one of this in a small format.
Graphite & Digital color, 6.3 x 9.9"

Handcrafted Sketchbook

Sketchbook hecho a mano, Muy poco tiempo para hacerlo pero para ser el primero no está tan grave.
En otras noticias me alegra comentarles que estaré participando en el próximo salón de ilustración imagen/palabra, con SILENCIO! Postearé la info pronto y espero que vayan, hay muchos ilustradores participando y creo que va  estar muy chevere!

Had very little time to work on it but, for being the first attempt, it didn`t went so bad.
In other news I'm happy to announce that I'll be part of the next Illustration Show image/wordwith my work SILENCE! I'll be posting the complete info soon, so I hope you all get to go. There's gonna be loads of illustrators participating and I think it's gonna be great!

...never forget?

Algo que debía desde hace un buen tiempo pero por fin hice.
Grafito y color digital, 35 x 47 cm

Something I owed to someone for a long time but finally made it.
Graphite & digital color, 14 x 18.5"

El necio / The stupid fool

Poster para el filminuto de Natalia Chinchilla. Lo hice hace ya un buen tiempo pero no lo había posteado. Pronto estará listo el link para ver el video, es muuuy divertido.


Poster for short film by Natalia Chinchilla. I made it quite a while ago but hadn't had the chance to upload. The link to the video will bee ready soon. it's really funny!