martes, 23 de agosto de 2011

Monkey Grinder

This one was for SoHo magazine.  First of all I'd like to thank LuisK (AD) for giving me the chance and specially the time (which rarely happens) to do this. Now, I gotta say It was a challenge 'cause I wasn't quite fond of the article I was supposed to illustrate.  However,  setting apart my personal opinions, I did found a couple of good ideas to work with.  The article was a sort of tirade about ecologists and the part I focused on was on how huge multinational companies, enterprises, governments, etc take advantage of this subject to supposedly contribute to the cause while  promoting their own brands or just turning the environmental problems into a new world business.  Basically, widespread hypocrisy (Nothing new right?).   Anyway,  I like the way it all turned out. Somehow I was able to give a personal commentary on the subject, and not just illustrate the writers opinions (which in this case I barely share). Hope you like it!

SoHo magazine #136


It's been a while since my last post. I've been doing lots of stuff (unfortunately not exactly related with my work)  and I believe it's gonna be like that for a couple of weeks more.  However I`m really exited 'cause as soon as I'm done with all of it, I will go straight into my drawing and illustration again.  For now I have two great news.  Two months ago (yes, a little late but... you know what they say!) I was invited to participate in LaMaga,  a great digital magazine that promotes colombian graphic artists.  Thanks to DoñaGloria team for the invitation, It is a real honor to be part of this.
On other news, finally this month Furiamag (a new digital magazine for young colombian artists) has launched it's first issue and I gotta say it was worth waiting for it .  It's wicked!  A really beautiful project that kinda reminds me of another art magazine I used to read (BAK magazine).  And not only was I selected to participate but I'm also part of the standout artists, which is great!  Huge honor!  Thanks a lot to furiamag team!