martes, 23 de agosto de 2011


It's been a while since my last post. I've been doing lots of stuff (unfortunately not exactly related with my work)  and I believe it's gonna be like that for a couple of weeks more.  However I`m really exited 'cause as soon as I'm done with all of it, I will go straight into my drawing and illustration again.  For now I have two great news.  Two months ago (yes, a little late but... you know what they say!) I was invited to participate in LaMaga,  a great digital magazine that promotes colombian graphic artists.  Thanks to DoñaGloria team for the invitation, It is a real honor to be part of this.
On other news, finally this month Furiamag (a new digital magazine for young colombian artists) has launched it's first issue and I gotta say it was worth waiting for it .  It's wicked!  A really beautiful project that kinda reminds me of another art magazine I used to read (BAK magazine).  And not only was I selected to participate but I'm also part of the standout artists, which is great!  Huge honor!  Thanks a lot to furiamag team!

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